School Closure-November

Hello, Parents of Canyon Creek School.  This message is to notify all parents that Canyon Creek School is having an emergency school closure effective November 6th until November 29th.  This closure is due to an increase in cases and exposure of COVID 19 within the school.  Canyon Creek currently has a shortage of staff that does not allow for us to continue with in-person learning.  We must keep the remainder of our staff safe and healthy in order to keep online instruction going for the remainder of the month.  Canyon Creek will not have instruction tomorrow so teachers can convert to an online learning system using google classroom and packet materials.  Tomorrow additional information will be sent out through email and phone calls to notify parents of when and how to pick up school materials and computers for learning.  Next week teachers will teach a daily online schedule during the school days.  Students will be expected to attend online classes as if they are in school.  Canyon Creek understands the difficulties this brings to families and the complex impact this has on all of us.  Please note we do not take these decisions lightly but we need to get the staff healthy and back into the classroom in order to get your children back to school.  We apologize for the late notice this evening but the timeliness of our information impacts the rate at what we can notify parents.  

Canyon Creek Superintendent