Canyon Creek Spectator Expectations

Canyon Creek Spectator Expectations 


Canyon Creek will maintain the following spectator expectations to be in compliance with the Yellowstone Health Department and CDC guidelines.  This plan can and will be changed based on the Emergency Measures at hand in particular to COVID 19.

  All spectators are expected to abide by the Canyon Creek School District adopted plan in order to maintain a healthy and safe environment for the students and community. 


  1. All spectators will be required to wear a mask while attending the event.  Failure to do so will result in being asked to leave.  Masks will be available at the entrance of the gym. 

  2. Spectators will be limited in the Canyon Creek gym space to a maximum amount of 40 people following social distancing measures.

  3. Canyon Creek Parents will be given priority to the seating capacity at Canyon Creek.  Any remaining seats during the specific sport or activity will be allowed for the other team’s spectators.

  4. All Canyon Creek Students will be allowed to have two spectators per event unless space will not accommodate the total number of parents. 

  5. Online streaming will be provided throughout the season by the use of our Facebook page.  Canyon Creek School Dist. #4 and click on videos.

  6. Spectators will only be allowed to attend the event that their student is participating in.  

  7. All spectators will be exited from the building between games to properly disinfect the facility.  After disinfection, spectators will be checked in to the gym space for the next event.

  8. Disinfection of the bleachers will take place between each event, with no exceptions.  Canyon Creek will use a COVID approved sanitization spray and wipe down the entire seating area.  Bathrooms will not be cleaned between games.

  9. Doors will remain locked and admittance of the spectators will take place for the first event twenty minutes before until the event starts.  Admittance for the second event will take place as soon as the gym is disinfected and ready for admittance.  The times may vary depending on the length of the event.

  10. Athletes and coaches will be allowed access early, to properly warm-up and prepare.  Parents will not be allowed to come in with the athlete but will be held to a different expectation following this plan. 

  11. Any spectator not willing to follow the guidelines of this plan will be asked to leave the building. Continuous issues from specific individuals violating these expectations could result in a permanent ban from the premises enforced by administration. 

  12. The following expectations will be posted at the gym entrance


Thank you for helping us keep our children safe by following these expectations. We appreciate your understanding!