Spectator Protocol

The following is a list of schools and the spectator protocols for each of the schools.  Please take a look at each and familiarize yourself with them. 

It is important to follow each expectation to keep our league going this year.  We are held to these standards by the Yellowstone County Health Department.  All events require the use of masks while attending the event.     


Canyon Creek 2 per player per team  (home and away)

Trinity 4 per player per team (home and away)

Elder Grove   4 per player per team (home and away)

BCS No spectators at this point.  Based on a weekly status 

Independent  2 spectators per team (home and away)

Elysian  Coaches for both teams will need to send the Elysian Athletic Director a list of spectators for each game the day before the scheduled game.

Home School ??

St. Francis 2 per player per team (home and away)


For further information or questions please contact.  Mr. Lipp  (656-4471 ext.5)