Board Policy

One of the major responsibilities of the Board of Trustees is to develop and implement policies that guide the District towards achievement of educational goals and compliance with federal and state statutes, rules and regulations.

Proposed new policies and amendments to existing policies are presented in writing for reading and discussion at regular or special Board meetings. Interested parties may submit views, present data or arguments, orally or in writing, in support of or in opposition to proposed policy. Any written statement by a person, relative to a proposed policy or amendment, should be directed to the District Business Manager/Clerk prior to the second (2nd) reading. The final vote for adoption will take place no earlier than at the second (2nd) reading of the particular policy.

All new or amended policies are effective upon adoption, unless a specific effective date is stated in the motion for adoption. Policies, as adopted or amended, become part of the minutes of the meeting at which action was taken and also are included in the District’s policy manual. Policies of the District are reviewed annually by the Board.

The District Business Manager/Clerk maintains a current policy manual which includes all policies of the District. Staff, students, and community residents have ready access to District policies. However, all policy manuals distributed to anyone are the property of the District and are subject to recall at any time.