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Quarantine Isolation Guidelines (Updated 1/7/2022)

Quarantine Isolation Guidelines (Updated 1/7/2022)

Quarantine Isolation Guidelines (Updated 1/7/2022)

District History

From our early beginnings to present times, our focus has always been on providing a safe atmosphere and a quality education. The timeline below represents postive, significant moments in our district's history.

  • 1883

    The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. ~ Aristotle

    Yellowstone County was created in June 1883 and divided into 6 school districts, including Canyon Creek School District #4 and Billings School District #2. The original Canyon Creek School was located at the town of Canyon Creek, north of the present building and eight miles west of the original Newman school with Mrs. Sam Salsbury as the first teacher.

  • 1920 - 1940

    1920's... Small school districts south of the Yellowstone River joined District #4 (Clubhouse, Duck Creek, Pleasant View, and others). The district as we know it today includes all of these smaller school districts. The general consensus is that the name “Canyon Creek” was likely used because the school sat adjacent to the Canyon Creek Ditch Company irrigation ditch. Also, Canyon Creek is the only body of water running through the original school district north of the Yellowstone River.

    1940’s... A two-room Canyon Creek School was constructed on the old Laurel Road. When the interstate was constructed, the building was divided in two and moved south. It is now two identical homes on the South Frontage road..

  • 1950 - 1970

    1959... The first school was built at the present location on Duck Creek Road. It consisted of a kitchen, three classrooms and a library---the far south end of the building (currently music, central offices, and Title I).

    1962... Two classrooms and a kitchen were added to the original building (our current offices and kindergarten rooms).

    1969... Four more classrooms, restrooms, teachers’ room, and office were added. Also the cafeteria and kitchen were expanded.

  • 1980's

    1980... Canyon Creek School grew to over 150 students and hired its first principal, Zara Frank. Prior to this time, the lead teacher and district clerk performed all administrative duties. Frank began as a ½ time principal and ½ time music teacher. Her last four years were as a full-time principal. During her tenure, building and staff additions enabled the District to add a qualified junior high.

    1981... Six additional classrooms were added to the east side of the newest addition. This addition has become known as the “junior high wing.” At the same time, remodeling of the entire school for greater energy efficiency occurred. New energy efficient windows were installed, the building was bermed on the outside, and new carpet was installed. The remodeling also created an office area, space for the copy machine, and a staff room.

    1986... A section of modular classrooms, the “annex,” containing four rooms was purchased to house two classrooms and the library.

    1987... The student population reached a level that required the District to hire a ½ time superintendent. Fred Kimball was hired to serve as the first principal/superintendent.

    1989... Carol Wright became the second principal/superintendent in 1989. Wright supervised further development of our curriculum and the addition of our gymnasium.

  • 1990's

    1990... A garage was built to serve as a maintenance shop and to provide storage for maintenance equipment and cleaning supplies.

    1991... The gym addition was completed. This addition included a large lobby area, concessions room, and two additional restrooms.

    1992... The district purchased two additional acres of land on the east side of our property.

    1993... Roy Warner became the third superintendent. He served the district for seven years and was pivotal in developing our technology program, utilizing computers for student learning.

  • 2000's

    2000... Dr. Anne Shearer-Shineman took over as Superintendent in 2000. During her tenure, the district developed a security plan for the district and led the community in planning and completing a major addition to the building.

    2003... The “new wing” addition of 15,000 square feet provided three new classrooms, bathrooms, computer lab, library, cafeteria, and kitchen. The old “annex” building was tied into the new wing and put to new use as classrooms and a staff room. Additionally, all asbestos was removed from the entire building, and all rooms received new paint and carpet.

    2004... Stephanie Long became our fifth superintendent and was instrumental in the revision/development of our curriculum to better align with state standards. Under her leadership, the board wrote and adopted a Strategic Plan for the District. She also led a legal challenge which resulted in the repayment of approximately $100,000 in restitution from three former employees.

    2009... Brent Lipp became the sixth superintendent. He has continued the process of curriculum development and assisted the trustees in the revision of the Strategic Plan. He led the charge to renovate and pave the parking lot areas.

    2010... The district completed a long-awaited parking lot renovation and paving project.

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