End of Year with Mr. Lipp...

Every year Canyon Creek acknowledges an 8th grade student that represents the strengths and leadership that Canyon Creek is looking for in all students. This year the Jr. High staff is pleased to announce that Marley Seely has been selected for the YMCA Youth Leadership Award. This award is presented in April at the YMCA Youth Leadership luncheon. This event recognizes over three hundred students throughout the Yellowstone County Schools. We are really thankful for this event and appreciate the YMCA for offering such a wonderful way to recognize students.

Marley can be defined as a model student for her wonderful enthusiasm to learn and lead others. Her ambition is endless and dedication towards academics, 4H, Student Council, and community involvement is above all expectations. Marley is highly respected by staff, students, and community for the positive example she sets for others as well as her outstanding citizenship. Most of all, Marley is a wonderful example for her peers showing them how to be respectful and determined. This wonderful quality is such a great asset for other students to see. Marley is a natural leader at Canyon Creek and we are very pleased to have her receive the YMCA Principal's Leadership Award.

Congratulations Marley!

Canyon Creek Fun Run

This spring, on Thursday, may 10th, Canyon Creek School will be hosting its 1st annual Adopt-A-Gym fundraising event! Adopt-A-Gym is a "by kids, for kids" fundraiser where schools raise funds to purchase physical education equipment for other schools that are short on resources to purchase adequate equipment for themselves. Funds are raised by students through fun fitness events, such as the fun run we will participate in this year!

This year specifically, the money raised will be used to help schools that were impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, TX. This process has many benefits for all participants. As a donation school, our students learn the power of philanthropy and that they can make a difference in the world by creating positive changes in the lives of children just like them! They also get to incorporate physical fitness into their lives. For more information on the Adopt-A-Gym program, check out https://adoptagym.wordpress.com/ or email Ms. Allen, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Canyon Creek is the first school in Montana to participate!

Grades 1st-8th are encouraged to participate in the fun run/walk, which will be held at the field. Students will learn about the event in their physical education class and will receive pledge forms if they would like to run/walk. Students can collect pledges and donations April 16th-May 10th. All donations will be due by May 16th.


For more information, email Ms. Allen at kallen@canyoncreekschool.org

"Every student deserves the opportunity to access a high quality P.E. program. We can give them the tools to do so!"

New Features For Our Student Pictures!

We are excited to announce that Interstate-Studio has released a new feature for parents to use for ordering student pictures! Now if you forget to send an order form on picture day or would like to wait to order photos until you see a proof, you can get them directly sent to your email! A proof of your child's picture and a convenient and easy link to order pictures will be sent directly to your right after picture day! We are very excited about this new feature, but in order for us to get it working we need your help!

Please click here for the information form that has to be turned in to the office. 

PE & Health News

It was so great to meet many of you during parent/teacher conferences this fall, and I look forward to meeting more of you as the year goes on. The excitement of accepting my first teaching position at Canyon Creek has not yet begun to fade, I am truly enjoying the school and community.

In the last few years, I'm sure you've noticed changes in the world of education, especially in reference to standards and assessments. Health and physical education has not been left out of these changes! I'd like to give you all a small glimpse of what is sometimes referred to as the "New PE:"

Across the country, physical education programs have been shifting from competition based activities to individual fitness and "lifetime sports." The reasoning is that in adulthood, your student are more likely to regularly participate in yoga or ride a bike for exercise than play flag football or hockey. Moving away from competitive group activities allows more students to get involved in exercise, which show academic benefits as well as stress relief. This individual approach lets students track their own success which aligns with the current emphasis on assessment and tracking results that we're seeing in the midst of education reform. This type of assessment is working its way into PE with the overall goal of lifelong health.

As a sport and competition enthusiast, I definitely think there is a place for competitiveness, however, I believe in leveling the playing field with modifications to move away from a PE where the skilled students dominate the game and those not as skilled stand on the sidelines hoping to go unnoticed. I am enthusiastically ready to indulge myself in this innovative shift in physical education. I hope to expose your students to as many activities as I can so that they can be confident to stay physically active when they leave Canyon Creek.

Always feel free to email Ms. Allen with any questions or concerns: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.