A Message From Mr. Lipp....(May)

Dear Canyon Creek Families,

As I sit down to reflect on all that is taking place in the next few weeks: student events, community dinners, levy elections, day to day activities, not to mention spring sports, world disasters, political pressures, and everyday challenges; I simply have one reflection that needs to be shared with all of you: THANK YOU! Yes, this one statement says it all on the front of this newsletter. With all of the issues happening around our community, thank you for keeping Canyon Creek first. Thanks to our trustees, parents, PTO, sponsors of the community dinner and eighth grade trip, and for every one of you supporting this school in so many ways. I feel so proud of this community and all of the wonderful things you do for us. No matter what happens, I know as the Superintendent that the support from this community is always around us. We should all feel good about this and hold our heads high and be proud of the wonderful school that you have created. Thanks again and have a fantastic finish to the school year and an awesome summer!

Bringing Lunch?

Just a reminder to all family members who come to eat with our students...bringing food in is welcome but we do ask that soda drinks are not brought into our school for our students. This ties into our health and wellness plan and policy. We appreciate your cooperation in this. Thank you.