September with Mr. Lipp

Dear Canyon Creek Families,

I feel it is important to share with our readers that probably the most important aspects of having your children in our school each day is to assure that they are safe. In the past few days, I have had several parents asking questions about our safety procedures and how they seem to be very strict. My answer to this would be "yes they are" and will always be this way. 

At times these precautions can feel inconvenient, annoying, or in some ways unfair, but the bottom line is that we try hard to keep every child safe during school. The district is always putting safety first and due to our proximity to I-90 and the Frontage Road, we feel that we must be cautious of all concerns that could arise.

Along with this same topic, I would like to make you aware of a new Canyon Creek Community Task Force that has been established over the summer. This is a wonderful group of citizens that are sharing concerns and ideas in how the Canyon Creek area can be developed in a positive way that is good for the whole community. Some of the topics recently have been neighborhood watches, school safety, traffic concerns, gravel pit permitting, road conditions, zoning, property values, and community needs. We would encourage all parents and community members to take part in these meetings. Please come listen in on the meeting and be a part of a positive community organization that is trying to keep the Canyon Creek area protected and developed in a positive way. The next meeting is September 9th at 6:00 pm in the Canyon Creek Library.


Brent Lipp