End of Year with Mr. Lipp...

Every year Canyon Creek acknowledges an 8th grade student that represents the strengths and leadership that Canyon Creek is looking for in all students. This year the Jr. High staff is pleased to announce that Marley Seely has been selected for the YMCA Youth Leadership Award. This award is presented in April at the YMCA Youth Leadership luncheon. This event recognizes over three hundred students throughout the Yellowstone County Schools. We are really thankful for this event and appreciate the YMCA for offering such a wonderful way to recognize students.

Marley can be defined as a model student for her wonderful enthusiasm to learn and lead others. Her ambition is endless and dedication towards academics, 4H, Student Council, and community involvement is above all expectations. Marley is highly respected by staff, students, and community for the positive example she sets for others as well as her outstanding citizenship. Most of all, Marley is a wonderful example for her peers showing them how to be respectful and determined. This wonderful quality is such a great asset for other students to see. Marley is a natural leader at Canyon Creek and we are very pleased to have her receive the YMCA Principal's Leadership Award.

Congratulations Marley!