Math Counts Update

Dear Parents/Guardians,

My name is Miss Kugler and I had the pleasure of being the MathCounts coach this year. I am pleased to announce some achievements in the Junior High math program that have really exceeded my expectations this year. First off, I would like to talk about the MathCounts group. The MathCounts students worked hard from November to February working on mathematics problems that follow the Common Core Standards. This year though, we took on another task and joined the National Math Club. On March 9th, I received an email saying that our group had reached Gold Status in the National Math Club. We are the only club in Montana that participates in this activity and we were the 19th school nationwide this year to finish this project. The project consisted of the students working together to create some type of math related game. Our students diligently worked on it for a few months and ended up with a game that was a spin-off of Sorry. They named it "Problems Math" and created their own cards that would make every player answer math questions to move spaces on the board. I cannot congratulate those students enough on their hard work and dedication to such an enjoyable math experience. We will be receiving our Gold Status Banner in June to hang up. However, we also are in a drawing and find out in late April if we received a trip to the National MathCounts Competition in May or money for our program.

In February, ten students were able to go to the MathCounts competition at MSUB. Four students were on a team together and the other six worked individually. Although we did not earn an award, we did have an outstanding student who was in the top 25 out of 116 students in our chapter competition at MSUB. I have to commend all the students who participated for all their hard work and dedication to MathCounts. A statement on the MathCounts website says, "9 out of every 10 mathletes say MathCounts made them better problem solvers." If you would talk to any of the MathCounts mathletes, I believe they would tell you the same thing.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the students who participated in the Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM) Contest. This contest allows students to win prizes the night of the contest and potentially great scholarships when they become juniors and seniors in high school. I encouraged the students to start going to the contest in middle school because by the time they are in high school, this competition can make a big difference for college. They also get the opportunity when they are juniors and seniors to have their scores and information available to colleges. This allows the students to receive scholarships by participating in this contest. At the contest, the students went to Skyview and took three math tests that were relative to their grade level. Although i have not been given any information on how we did compared to other schools, I am positive that some of our students who participated really exceeded. But no matter how the students did, I am excited and proud that they participated!

Congratulations to all the mathletes this year that participated in all these events!

Miss Kugler