Candy Cane Heart Fundraiser

With Valentine's Day coming up, our thoughts tend to turn to warmth and caring. Is there someone in your life who is always nice to you? Who helps you with your homework? Who gives you that extra push on the swing? What a better way to tell that person thank you for what they do, than by sending them a candy cane heart. Candy cane hearts are the perfect way to "spread the love" throughout the school and to your friends.

Candy cane hearts are available for purchase at the office and library and the cost is $1.00. They will be available from February 1st through February 13th.

All you need to do is bring $1.00, fill out the envelope that is provided, and put the envelope into the bad. Orders can be placed before school, after school, and any spare time that does not interfere with class time. 

The candy cane hearts is a fundraiser to help support our 8th graders with their 8th grade trip!

Thank you!