RevTrak Update

Great News! Revtrak, the electric payment system, has been up and running since Friday, November 18th.

You can go to the one-click button on to set up your account (you must set up an account in order to proceed)

and then can begin using it. You will need your PowerSchool Parent Portal Access ID number and your PowerSchool Access Password to set up your account. If you need help or don't know your number, please contact Mrs. Carroll at either 656-4471 ext. 202 pr This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


If you enter that number and password and still get the message for "failed PowerSchool Application" outlined in red, click on the link shown and it will take you to where you will create an account. i am also the person you will get if you click on the customer service link on RevTrak.

It's wonderful to hear some of you are already using the system. It should be a huge convenience to you for making payments. If you combine all your kids into one transaction, you pay only one transaction fee as opposed to paying one per child. Again, this system is your choice, we are still accepting paymets by check and cash at the office.