2018-2019 Concert Schedule

  • December 20th- K-5 Winter Music Concert (6:00pm)
  • February 21st - 5th Grade Band, Junior High Band, Trimester 2 Choir Concert (6:00 pm)
  • April 25th- k-5 Spring Music Concert (6:00pm)
  • May 2nd- Junior High Band, Trimester 3 Choir Concert (6:00 pm)

Author Visit

Our Canyon Creek students will be having an author visit on December 4th.

Michelle Nelson-Schmidt is a children's author, illustrator, and motivational speaker. She has 6 published books that focus on overcoming worry, self doubt, peer understanding, and self understanding. They also focus on promoting courage, helping others, and being goal oriented.

This is a wonderful and eexciting opportunity for our students! The books that she shares will also be available for students to purchase after the presentation! You can click here to learn more about the books or click here for the order sheet. If you would like to get more information on Michelle, you can visit https://mnscreative.com.

A Message from Mrs. Tennant (December)...

Through the month of December guidance lessons will focus on the topic of bullying. Students will learn the difference between conflict and bullying, how to be an "upstander" instead of a bystander, the importance of reporting, and the different types of bullying behavior. Please talk with your child about what they are learning. Not all mean or rude behavior is bullying. This year I am reinforcing the ABCD of Bullying, which helps students understand the difference between mean actions and bullying. The ABCD of Bullying stands for Agressive (physically, socially, or emotionally), Balance of power is unequal, Consistent over time, and Delibrate.

A December Message from Mr. Lipp....

Dear Canyon Creek Families,

Kicking off the holiday season this year, we had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner provided by our school cooks. The food was great and the gathering of the community was a lot of fun. I would like to thank all of the school staff and volunteers, as well as all of the individuals that attended, for continuing such a wonderful school tradition. Awesome!

Please join us on December 20, 6:00 PM IN THE GYM for our holiday concert. Mrs. Maerling and her students (grades k-5) have been working very hard to put together a top notch production for you this holiday season. I can't wait for the students to share their musical talents with our community. Please join us in this wonderful celebration.

The holiday season is a very special time for families and our community to carry on special traditions and spend time with one another. Unfortunately, some families dind this time to be very stressful due to the financial difficulties the holiday season can place on them. At Canyon Creek we try very hard to help these families out by coordinating a giving tree fund that helps families during the holidays. This year, once again we asked our school community to help us out with our Annual Giving Tree. We have several families that are in need of essential items and clothing to make the winter more tolerable. We cannot thank the community enough in the help we have received in the past and this year. We officially have had all our Giving Tree tags checked out this year! I am so impressed by the kindness and generosity people have in helping these families out. Thanks to all of you that have made this possible. 

Happy Holidays,

Brent Lipp

Fall Conferences

Our fall conferences are coming up on December 5th & 6th. We are doing things a little differently this year! Conference letters have been mailed out. Attached is a copy of this letter. Please take a look at the changes we have made.