• October 10- Early Out (1:10 pm) October 15-Boys' Basketball Meeting (5:45 pm in Gym) October 18 & 19- PIR Days (No School) October 22-26- Socktober fundraising October 22-26-Red Ribbon Spirit Week October 26- Egypt Museum October 30- Fall retakes, class pictures, boys' basketball pictures

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October Message from Mr. Lipp...

Dear Canyon Creek Families,

I feel it is important to share with our readers that probably the most important aspect of having your children in our school each day is to ensure that they are safe. I have had several parents asking questions about our safety procedures and how they seem to be very strict. My answer to this would be "yes they are" and will always be this way. At times these precautions can feel inconvenient, annoying, or in some ways unfair; but the bottom line is that we try hard to keep every child safe during school. The district is always putting safety first and due to our proximity to I-90 and the Frontage Road, we feel that we must be cautious of all concerns that could arise. As a district we also need your help looking out for our children. You can ensure that each child is safe by simply helping us with some quick tips:

1. Always use the front entrance when visiting and make sure to sign in and get a visitor's badge.

2. Be sure to call your child in to the attendance hot line in the morning so we know that you know that your child is not in school. The State of Montana law states that we have to account for every child each day, so expect a phone call if you don't call them in. 

3. If dropping off your child, please make sure that you drop them off in the front parking lot and not in the bus parking lot. If you happen to be late, have your child go into the front doors of the school and not walk around to the back of the building. Dropping children off at the school before 7:50 a.m. is prohibited as we do not provide supervision until 7:50 a.m. and all students must be supervised.

4. When picking up your child at the end of the day, please make sure that you assist them when crossing the parking lot. We also encourage parents to pick all students up in the parking lot and not on Danford Dr. Please consider having children use the bus to alleviate some of the congestion in our front parking lot.

5. Be aware of the weather and help us make sure your child is properly dressed for all types of weather change. Students will go outside during the day if the temperature is above zero degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Please be our eyes and ears if you notice something doesn't seem right at school, in your neighborhood, or the bus stop. We need to know these things so that we can assure all students are safe. Communication is vital and helps out everyone in our community.

7. Make sure that you follow our speed limit in front of the school and keep it slow in the parking lots. We have a habitual problem with members of our community ignoring our speed limit on Duck Creek Road.

8. If you are unsure of our safety expectations, or how to properly visit our school, we encourage you to call or review the handbook. Every family received a copy of this at the beginning of the school year.

9. Please be respectful of our wellness policy. If possible, treats should be somewhat healthy, we discourage cupcakes and doughnuts because we are not supposed to be offering this type of food to students during the day. If you can help us with this we are very thankful.

By following some of these simple expectations we can assure that all students, staff, and community members have a safe and productive school year. Much appreciated!